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Krajczi témája a 'Külföldi hírességek (talált képek)' fórumban , 2004 Október 21.

  1. Aranadhel

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    Sharpie my man I SALUTE YOU!
  2. kilop

    kilop Új tag

    Karolina Zuzinjak
  3. pauluncg

    pauluncg Új tag

    Wow what a set! Thanks! Also I was curious, but I couldn't find any pics of Nivia Nery from PB's Busty Babes or Cassia Walton. Am I not looking in the right place or misspelled their names?
    STAR2000 kedveli ezt.
  4. heywoodJ

    heywoodJ Banned

    Actually No- This IS the one I wanted! Thank You Yoda!!

    So what now she's got 'newer' pics in the 2008??? Dam it!!!
  5. sharpie43

    sharpie43 Új tag

    On the way:
    Nikki Churchill, Nicole Davis, Stephanie Stebbins, Nivia Nery (she hasn't been posted yet.) If ever the requests die down, I will methodically proceed to post all the PBFF, WOPB, PBSW, etc.
  6. pauluncg

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  7. reventones

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    STAR2000 kedveli ezt.
  8. reventones

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    STAR2000 és nightfever kedveli ezt.
  9. reventones

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    STAR2000 és nightfever kedveli ezt.
  10. reventones

    reventones Új tag

    STAR2000 és nightfever kedveli ezt.
  11. sharpie43

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    PAUL BOOTH Új tag

    I can only echo what everyone else is saying Sharpie - what a fantastic job you are doing. If you need any more requests how about Kerry Reid, Lyndsey Ledbetter and Caitlin Ferguson.
    Once again great job and many thanks!!!
  13. heywoodJ

    heywoodJ Banned

    Giving Thanks to the Group this week!!!!

    In the Spirt of "Thanksgiving"....I'd like to Thank ALL of you who've shared the gift of FREE naked chicks with your fellow man. No matter what country you're from we can all "give thanks", as the American celebrate "Thanksgiving", for it's the love of Naked Chicks that unites us!!!

    With that spirit of giving in mind, I just discovered PB Model Rachel Sterling (aka Angel Veil)...she was on some Fox News talk-panel show called "Red Eye"...she's a Pussycat Doll and former "Man Show" Juggy dancer. If they're any good links already in place that can be reposted her- that would be excellent!!! Any good video??? (This is low priority - just putting it out there)

    Take your time cause it's the Thanksgiving season starting up! and as Rachel said she's part or mostly Cherokee (or Souix?) Indian and despite what the pilgrims eventually did those Indians and even she is all about her Turkey!!! remember that when some P.C. - 'Ameri-Cant' tells you about all the negative crap some white pioneers did 400 years- tell them to get out of Rachel Sterlings way and shut-up.

    Which reminds me.....Don't eat all the stuffing!....or try to foist that "To-Furkey" (Vegan-veggie jazz) Bullshit!- lol. I myself like the Canned cran-berry sauce...whoever goes on about the 'sacrilidge of cranberries' from a can is gonna get extra helpings of "Hey!- Go Fuck Yourself!" - Who are the assholes who need to put nuts in things?? Nuts belong in candy bars and Arkham Asylum not in my Thanksgiving feast....then at the other end of the Douche-Baggery scale, we have the "Salt-less jackoffs" who feel the need to make everyone eat (or atleast try!) their diabetic saltless concoctions- that make the wallpaper seem tastier...and Why are the string beans always cold? They get cold, they go limp, then suck! keep them on a 'Hot Plate'!!!- it's not quantum physics- "HOT" is even in the title! (what could it possibly be used for?)...oh, but the Beets they just hang around don't they? like someone's 'bad date'- You try to ignore them but sooner or later some elderly person feels the need to remind you that you are 'Beetless''s like being asked to slow-dance with the ugly chick at the high school prom!- No one likes Beets! Why do they bother to show up??....Then.....Then...clear on the other side of the table (which might as well be down the street based on how your all sitting crammed into each other) are the Mash Potatos!- you can smell them on the plates next to you but you've gotten stuck with the "Sweet Potatos" (that are always 'just off' not quite sweet or potatoey)...they're not mashed either- No they sit there all defiant waiting to be carved- I already gotta try to successfully use a butter knife to cut open my roll which was too hot just a moment ago but now has 'jumped thru time' like the Asian guy on "Heroes" and is now hard as a rock...and I'm supposed to try to dissect a sweet potato?.....then somehow Houdini came back from the dead (he's late!- he's supposed to show up on Halloween!) cause my plates escaped from right in front of me!!!- I never left my chair- yet, the plate was stolen!....then it magically reappears down the block (other side of the table) and my Uncle's placing some freshly carved white meat on, I have to somehow communicate thru 15 people the instructions of putting some mash potatos also on my plate- yet!...somehow the sentance: "Could I please have some Mash Potatos on my Plate" got transfixed by the undead old people (the one's not sleeping already at the table!) into the phrase: "would you sneeze on my Halo 3 - that's Great!"...then I need to drink more Booze to get over the frustration only it tastes funny & foreign cause all the Good shit was horded and drank during the football game earlier and now we're stuck with red wine or Kronenberg 1776- which is the year the person now passing my plate was born!!!....No Potatos!! but somehow I magically got Peas!! (How did they know?)...and Beets!!! somehow Beets through some sort of holiday version of "Affirmative Action" have made it onto my plate! I can't tell if it's the beets that smell or if an old person near me past gas??? I could wait to see if everyone around me is drunk enough, I could hide the Beets in a napkin? (Fuck You Beets!!!- not this year!)--- What? NO, I don't want to take the gravey off your hands!- Why? No Potatos....then like a cloud from above an Aunt plops mash potatos from behind me! (They're Mashed & Mobile now apparently!) then the gravey is dumped on them by the person holding the gravey and of course they 'fuck it up'- cause now I have brown lava running down this white mountain ready to engulf the small colony of peas that didn't ask to be involved in the land battle for space currently existing on my plate.....but before I can 'thin the herd'....there's a glass tinging and now I gotta hear "why so-and-so couldn't make it"(Fuck 'em they didn't show!- not my problem) "Aunt X or Uncle X is doing so well after...." whatever a Shark attack? Bear molestation? The Lollypop guild gang raped their fuckin' Poodle...Who cares!!! they're hear and will die at the table if you don't "wrap it up!" from's all setting down....the food might have some 'warmth left in it yet'.....then- "Lets say grace!"....OH Fuck!! now it's going to be a United Nations style Cluster-Fuck over the whole table agreeing "Which Grace" do we Jesus is passing out scores?...Simon Cowell's (From "American Idol") is going walk in and berate the meal maker if Proper 'Grace' isn't said???....Then the bullshit idea gets floated (it happens every year) of letting one of brats from the "Kids Table" lead us saying "Grace"...but somehow magically there was 'covert action' taken and I hear is: "Dam the Meat, Blast the Skin, Open your kisser and cram it in!"....har-fucking-har. I'd get up for another Beer- but I'm locked in somehow...but I can't risk getting up cause then I'll be forced to 'Do Something' by one of the ladies!....last thing I want to do is friggin' HELP! like a zen master I wait patiently...calmly...while the food is getting cold...and slowly keep to myself and wait for the 'players' to fall asleep, goto the can, get second helpings, get more wine, help some old bat for her pills....and I casually 'sneak off' (sometimes with a cousin or two) and we hide in the TV room (or Basement) and watch "Bad Santa" on TV or play X-Box 360 and then it's peacefully as it always should've been....the 'Cool kids' enjoying their Thanksgiving away from the Elderly and Annoying Brats and all the sudden you've suddenly found where the 'Cool Cousins' have been hiding the 'Good Beer' and all is right with the world and you give thanks......

    Then it dawns on you.....what's the plan for Christmas and Who DONT I want to pick or to pick me for the Pollyanna...which will no doubt start without me very soon!:beer::beer::beer::beer:

    Merry Christmas!!!!- lolol.
  14. SzentFazék

    SzentFazék Ismert tag

    Oh, I wouldn't mind if you proceeded to post some of the PBFF, especially Bianca Luciana if you've got any of her. ;)

    Thanks in advance in case you've got that, and whatever else you'll post.
  15. theGoose

    theGoose Új tag

    :rohog::rohog::rohog: Sounds like most of my christmas'
  16. Gary Miller

    Gary Miller Új tag

    Last File Messed Up at 1:46

    The very last file seems to be messed up. Should I just try to download again or could you reupload it? Also, do you have her Celeb Photoshoot videos that you could share? Jenn is absolutely stunning.
  17. atombob

    atombob Aktív tag

    I don't mean to start a war, but I went through my old csv's, Jillian never had any Cybergirl of the Week videos posted by P*****y.

    The only video appearances that were officiallly released on the Cybercl*b (prior to her CGoM appearance) were from her CoEd of the Month pictorial:,25746553,28980041,17395861,19034135,23125873,25757411

    I assume you're referring to these? I cannot confirm they had a 'tub' in them, but when I find my DVD's I'll check and post.
  18. SzentFazék

    SzentFazék Ismert tag

    She was in a tub in the 4th set of videos.
  19. Goldywn

    Goldywn Ismert tag

    I have all the Jillian Coed of the Month videos. I will upload them all in a zip file for easy downloading.
  20. atombob

    atombob Aktív tag

    ah, thanks :)