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  1. Barton

    Barton Ismert tag

    Hi @ all :)
    a weekend-update...

    ccde 201310 PM Karolina Witkowska - Set 04 x18 XL​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Credit to da Burger King :)

    Enjoy ;)
  2. thedrake

    thedrake Új tag

    where are the other 14 pics??? I see only 4 and not 18 pics.....
  3. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

    :eek::D i see 18, here's how [​IMG] ;)
  4. thedrake

    thedrake Új tag

    Thanks a lot :) A Zip would be an easier way tho ;-)
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  5. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

    2013-10 Tina Ruland cover pics

  6. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

    Tina Ruland - PB Germany 1989-05

    Utoljára módosítva: 2013 Szeptember 23
  7. Crippler

    Crippler Ismert tag

    Do we have any informations about the newest Cybergirl?
    Maybe the pics already?:D
  8. ossi

    ossi Tag

    especially the US PB thread is polluted with cybergirls. i hardly cannot browse that thread any more because of the cybergirl inflation. i would prefer a thread where only the real pb girls+celebs are shown, not the cyber stuff which is boring to me as all those girls look like any other from all those millions xxx sites.
  9. Cybergirl 09/2013 - Julia Schüller

    Geboren 24.11.1986 in Ulm
    Gewicht 50 kg
    Größe 169 cm
    Maße 85 - 60 - 85

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  10. AlienDwarf

    AlienDwarf Ismert tag

    The US threads are more or less unusable but not just cause of the cyber girls, they completely lack any structure. Anyway, who cares about the US crap?

    More important than the CG is the question what is going to be in the mag! Rumours? News?
  11. dottore1

    dottore1 Új tag

    Well, in November they normally have some "10 most beautiful <insert profession here>" and over the summer they were looking for nurses to apply for shooting, so its quite safe to say that we can expect some nurses.
  12. Crippler

    Crippler Ismert tag

  13. Guido Brunetti

    Guido Brunetti Aktív tag

  14. Guido Brunetti

    Guido Brunetti Aktív tag

  15. AlienDwarf

    AlienDwarf Ismert tag

    Again they published dupes. The two last ones are identical to pics posted earlier, while this one
    doesn't have an identical counterpart but is a way more photoshopped version of an image posted before.
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  16. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

  17. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

    2013-11 German photographer Christina Noelle

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    credit Pbnomis
    Utoljára módosítva: 2013 Október 10
  18. renoir

    renoir Ismert tag

  19. database

    database Új tag

    does anyone have this magazin? german penthouse september 2013, i am really interested in those pics
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  20. AlienDwarf

    AlienDwarf Ismert tag

    Once again it is really ridiculous. The CG pics are insanely large (in particular with respect to file size), it's completely nuts to publish such pics in such a way, seen pics of half the file size that are way sharper and more detailed. On the other hand they compress the PM pics to complete death. Do these guys have at least a glimpse of an idea how to handle digital images?:confused:
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