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BrianDamage témája a 'Külföldi hírességek (talált képek)' fórumban , 2006 Február 19.

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    Shae Snow & Chloe Amour are porn actress, sample full HC:


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    Could someone be so kind as to repost Kimberly Kisselovich's "Midtown Lust" video. It's the only video of hers I don't have. All the links from back then are broken. Thanx.
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    Jessie June tomorrow night too. Another XXX star posing for 'Twistys Lite' as an 'Amateur'
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    If you are interested in my humble opinion, I like this way to offer female nudity, indeed, I'd also like the PB Italy was so that ...
    Someone of those is a porn star ? Not much "open" than others ...
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    Anybody have Megan Medellin- Great Sensation?
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    I like the PB way to offer female nudity.But i don`t like it when their Cyberclub publish porn stars/starlets who already shown their bodies million times on hardcore sites like Twistys,Brazzers etc.
    For me the whole concept of PB is bringing some fresh unknown first-time nude posing girls and not girls like Shae Snow,Elle Alexandra,Jessi June etc who already have shown their pussies a couple times before.
    For example Courtney Tugwell today.PB debut,looks great and didn`t have any porn pics/videos so far.As far as i know of course.
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    Courtney did some soft core fantasy back home in the UK but nothing like the recent 'Amateurs' you mentioned. If they still had the 'Celebrity' category, they should have been put there.
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    per request drummer9046: re-up Laura Lovett 'Toned', added her other Am shoot, 'Come Lay Down' too

    Amateurs: Laura Lovett - Toned
    orig 7.24.12 PB+ debut

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    49 picture set (29 Plus, 20 non) 14mb - http://hugefiles.net/auv80p2nw7eg

    Video - 5:55 min


    274mb - http://hugefiles.net/lb9qck7d6mj4

    720p 121mb - http://hugefiles.net/7a8wd7whlbdv

    Amateurs: Laura Lovett - Come Lay Down

    orig 9.3.12

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    50 picture set (30 Plus, 20 non) 17mb - http://hugefiles.net/honpcq1pkm0e

    Video - 5:04 min


    1080p 232mb - http://hugefiles.net/mubkzlgis9bn

    720p 103mb - http://hugefiles.net/88rk8uqmjerl

    fast free user host supports parallel downloads or NO waiting between dl's