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BrianDamage témája a 'Külföldi hírességek (talált képek)' fórumban , 2006 Február 19.

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    Whoa, Hugefiles has really started to throttle their free downloads. :(

    Thanks as per usual for the updates MrGeek!
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    'atombob' - This was posted on their tech support forum today. Looks like they introduced pay 'Premium' finally over the weekend. What is your registered user dl speed compared to before ? Can you still do parallel dls ? I hit a wall at 6 parallel dls. I also see they stopped the free user 'resume' support, so my buffering trick to speed up dls won't work any more. On the plus side, they extended file retention for Prem from 18 to 30 days. I have another equally fast host but the file retention is only 15 days. It's something to fall back on if 'hf' goes further down hill.
    hugefiles , any problem is download speed...??

    " got lot of reports due to slow speed from users.
    oh.you introduced premium plans..?,, so only free user getting very low speed "

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    20130812 - Midsummer Night s Dream Party at the [email protected] Mansion - New

    Beautiful women, body paint, lingerie and celebrities: there is no time of year like the most anticipated night at the Mansion. It’s that time, the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party.

    PMOY 2011 Jaclyn Swedberg, Cybergirl Jessica Workman and Miss May 2012 Nikki Leigh were just a few of the girls on hand who spent the night dancing and partying the night away in their favorite lingerie (or lack thereof in some cases) with the likes of Kendra Wilkinson, Cooper Hefner and of course host Hugh Hefner and wife Crystal.

    The mansion was transformed into a decadent and rather debauched enchanted forest complete with aerial artists, sets by DJ Vice and Miss August 2000 Summer Altice.

    If you missed the biggest party of the year, don't worry. Sit back, relax, and hit play.


    MP4| 854x480 | 18mb | 01:30

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    Hi, can anyone reupload pics and vids of Avery Morgan & Suzanne Berkshire? Thanks!
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