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  • Hi! Sorry for disturb you, but I need your help. I tried to download some PB sets uploaded by you, hut the links didn't work. The sets are from "Hivatalos PB topik (US Playmates, US Celebs in PB, US Mag Layouts)", PM portfolios from 1976, here they are:
    Daina House
    Laura Lyons
    Ann Pennington
    Debra Peterson
    Deborah Borkman
    Linda Beatty
    Whitney Kaine
    Karen Hafter

    Please reup them if it's possible!

    Best regards

    Hi Savayta I'm Gyuri from Hungary and Big Karen Mcdougal fan. My favorite PM cca. 20 years ago. If You think, we change some pictures and videos... I find between your shared videos lot of which I'have never seen before in this quality. Do you have the Karen profile videos in 480p. Or better? By, Kind Regards, Gy.
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