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2007 November 23
I've finally found a way to fix this. What I did was I went to the quick language chooser at the bottom of the screen, changed it to Magyar, let the page load, then go back and choose English, and then it worked!
2005 November 4
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i cannot access the above thread, it says i do not have permissions. can you please grant me permission to access the above thread? please.
this thread is only available for members who donate to help the forum run.
use the "FAQ" link (or if you still use hungarian language settings: "Súgó") in the upper menu to find some information regarding the donation and other things under the section "For English Users", or click this link:
Lájk: magyar1964
2011 Szeptember 29
Best regards
I am a new member of this forum.
I am very pleased with the whole concept of forums.
percent do not understand Hungarian language, I would like to ask you some questions, so I can be an active member of this forum.
interest me, which allowed the hosts file on this forum? Orono, filesonic, wupload ...
thanks :eek: