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the sheriff

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They must've run out of ugly girls or something.... that is funny but at the same time could be right.
I'm kinda serious... not in a demeaning way, but in their quest to be politically correct (large women, disabled, etc.), now including no more PMoM, they're ripping apart everything that made PB what it was. It's almost as if they're doing it intentionally... for what reasons I don't know...

And in the article discusses the move "to add more time and depth for each photo shoot"... OMG, seriously? Anyone remember when we had 10-minute profiles and 50+ pic sets? Now we have barely a minute of video and a dozen or so pics... with almost no nudity. Funny how the previous administration (i.e. pre-2015) had plenty of time and depth for pics and profiles... which is roughly the last time I give a fuck about a PMoM... 2015.

Look at the progression.... first no more mag, and now, no more PMoM... I guess we now call them Playmate of the Season? PMoS? How apropos... you can't spell PMoS without PMS...

Let's face it, PB is now firmly in the hands of people who want to destroy it, piece by piece, in the name of ersatz political correctness... at this rate, I'd be surprised if they survive 2021...

the sheriff

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You are right, since 2015 I've felt worse and worse about the course that PB took. For me PB slowly becomes something of the past.
I see it similarly, except, considering increased competition and alternate avenues of promotion, PB is falling prey to whatever nervous tic comes along. PB used to set trends; now they're not even hip enough to follow them. They're so bent on "doing something, anything", that they're completely ignoring the fact that you don't have to kill a mosquito with an AK-47.

Just bring the pre-2015 style back into a digital format... bring back tasteful nudity, bold journalism, a hint of Esquire and GQ sensibility, 12 Playmates a year with full video profiles and pic sets, and we'd be happy again... simple.

Remember video profiles? In a 10, or 12, or 15 minute video, we learned all about the PMoM.... growing up, going to school, what she does now, along with two or three vignettes... and by the end, we had the full package of the girl.... 12 times a year! Now we get a minute of a video shoot, a bunch of non-nude pics, and not much else. It's as if there's a pronounced lack of respect for Hef's vision, which is the biggest disservice PB can provide to its dwindling customer base.


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Im still watching those videos, they were part of my younger days, the music behind, the different settings, those videos were all about Romance and Love as the pictorials, full of details, A few months ago playmate Donna Perry was saying in a interview that shoot the centerfold was so much work but it was the greatest experience of her life. Nowadays even Centerfolds look like another boring picture.


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Question to all.

Does anyone know if Sasckya Porto PM Portfolio images were ever available in 1600px xl size?
I have the Exclusives set in 1600px size, but the I find the Portfolio set only in 1024px size.
Seems strange.
Thanks for any help.


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It began much earlier. PB lost all direction in 2000's ignoring the taste of its fans. Missed A-class girls like Mandy Ashford, Michelle Rivera, some of the girls from 50th ultimate search, Leah Hickey, Nicole Bayard, from younger generation Lola Michelle, Jessica Joy, on and on.
I give it all to Hef. He didn't care anymore to put quality material.
I agree. There were standout PMoMs in the 2000s - Brooke Berry and Irina Voronina are two all-time favorites, for example - but the last 20 years have been bad overall when compared to the 80s and 90s. I stopped paying attention around 2003, and from then on tended to find the one or two PMoMs per year I liked (if any) after the fact.


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