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I need a Little Help Please.

I've been updating all of my old playmate stuff, and I seem to be missing the Life Size Centerfold of
1) Kona Carmack - Feb 1996, and
2) Priscilla Lee Taylor - Mar 1996,

with the Playmate text on them.
Not the Livepix, I have those.
I'm assuming that the centerfolds should be around 9100px and 6 to 10MB in size.
Thanks in advance, for any help.

Hope these are what you're looking for


  • 1996-02 Kona Carmack.jpg
    7 MB · Olvasás: 131
  • 1996-03 Priscilla Lee Taylor.jpg
    9.3 MB · Olvasás: 108


Ismert tag
If you have RG premium, here's a link to what I have but file is 8.2gb. Otherwise, can look at specific requests-

Yikes! I had no idea that the the file would be that big.
And no, I do not have a RG premium account.
I'll have to think about this for a while. ( I may have to buy another HD. :eek:
Thank you very much for the info, and the link mrgeek. :)

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