Hold happiness through love wallpaper


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If possible ... Please do not try anymore. "Happiness does not lie at the end of the road which is located on the mainroad's away, but the road there is no you and me!". love wallpaper for pc

Honey! Their day is the day you known each former lover farewell, the man has been with me four years. That day I did not cry nor laugh, I was told that my life: "Please bring me happiness, happiness is no betrayal ...". That day, I told a girl's best friend: you want to pair an affair, because there's nothing to love someone else, not for the money and do not need anything. And so I met him, as his boyfriend through its introduction. Man than I was eight years old, with little status, money and a happy family with daughter loves going to her first-born. I do not regret saying that sentence, you do not have much beauty, nor smart, I have nothing but equity of the eldest daughter lives. Dad had told me a question: "For how many they will be returned this much." I never thought I'd take away something of him. And I was not sure if the child let go of how it all. Simply put life and my choices that time very vague. I know you want something from me, and know where your place. Right from the start of a relationship with you, I told myself when I had feelings will automatically stop, I'll go without anything. And I've done it, I did it, sir sad wallpaper. Day knows him, I have become familiar with his daily work, living together go, go out and discuss the matter with his friends. People look at me with curious eyes, the eyes of the man lust one daughter, a child of students who say it is "clean vegetables". I started fussy in dress, makeup gently started going with him, so that other people look at and say to him: "You get somewhere so beautiful girlfriend." Every time so I know he was proud than anyone else. Then he began to take small gifts for the children on holidays, only small but I also began to feel the change within yourself. And when he sneaked out of her hiding button refueling vehicles pretext to call me, just a few moments alone, but with a little warm, you sir. 2 child relationship a little carried away, a little closer, he began to hint to me about the greater gift, more beautiful. But you do not need that. You yourself you said you were determined at first pair must follow exactly what you want, focus on pockets of the man. I just smiled faintly and then leave it. You know you're right because you almost "Fresh Vegetables" Invariably. My family is not poor, even to spend as little of the old grandparents or say. But it is the money of my parents, not yours. The first day to meet me, you wear the simplest clothes Heart wallpaper, no makeup, not showy, brunette tan, bad. Yet, until now I'm still wondering why he chose me ? I made up a name for him to call, a difficult situation as many families daughter unconditionally. And I believe it, because there is no reason that a daughter stem Hanoi, not lacking anything to go with his pair of boyfriend? Well, it is the choice it has little crazy, because an old man it did not deserve it had left it, but it is not so? Is it worth it? I know the answer myself, my only answer I know, I understand you. He spoiled me little by little, to share with you one by one, and to say love you little by little. Sometimes I also remind myself that I'm not in love with him, it is impossible. He is just like any other man, while his wife was pregnant for entertainments, for girls only. Kids have a lot of time talking to myself like that.
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