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I can`t believe what i`ve learned right now.
We are gettin a really creepy and pathetic December edition of PB Germany.:banghead:
Not only the 29th recycling of the de la Huerta pics,no we`ll have this lady as PM this month.:facepalm:
What a load of crap this month.The December edition was always Bullshit for new nude pics of Celebs,but we always had great PM`s there.And now this happens.
How many foreign PM`s do we have this year?4,5 girls?I don`t know.The only thing i know is that we have a really weak PM year.


Ismert tag
Guido Brunetti It's a habit for you to copy / paste posts that do not belong to you. Make personal url. There is a good reason for these urls are here. Do not be lazy. :cool:
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