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The upcoming Playmate Shanis Wilke is a real hot chick.
She`s the girlfriend of a soap actor therefore i`m wondering why they don`t publish her pics as (Z-) Celeb.......:p
A huge plus is also her all natural body.No tattoos and Silicone as far as i see.....
A big favourite for the PMOY 2015 imho.......:D

I'm looking forward to see her!
By the way the first nude pictures of her are already available for the general public ...



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It is good to have a different taste,but who do you have in mind with that?
The US-PMOY 2013 Raquel Pomplun(looks quite nice but not the spectacular as expected......:D )
Or the tattooed chick from Niederrhein Delfina Aziri(ok,she looks really hot but these damn fucking tattoos ruined it.....:banghead: )
Or the Slovakian born Schwäbin Barbora Kuzmiakova(average model with a quite ugly face)
For me Shanis is the No 1 in the ranking right now.Followed by Delfina,Raquel and Barbora.
The only thing i don`t like on her: her boyfriend.A douchebag and so-called actor in a Daily Soap.Maybe she`s gonna change her mind pretty soon and choose me as her boyfriend..........:cool::p

Guido Brunetti

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IMHO, the very first Playmate this year that is really playmate material.
The last years there have been a maximum of three or four playmates worth the name, the others were only wannabes.

I can't understand why they stopped publishing the 'Playmate Classics'. So there's been a surrogate every month while the actual plamate was disappointing.
You don't have to wonder they are losing more and more readers.
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