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Guido Brunetti

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I looked her up and she is a pornstar. Are they going to cast a pornstar as Coverstar? That can't be! No disrespect to pornstars, but we have seen everything already!

The same stupid thing - going to be a copy of Penthouse U.S.
The last Cybergirls were pornstars too.
The editor in chief didn't like the Cybergirls at all so he cancelled them.
A magazine should take into consideration the liking of the readers not the preferences of the chief editor.

Really sad, a few months more and it will end up right against the wall. :banghead:
Who knows what they are up to, maybe they don't have her as a cover girl.
Or Burda doesn't give a crap because they did not renew the licence and now they don't put any money into it anymore and force Boitin to fuck up even worse than he would anyway before he takes over the licence.

Or it's Boitin's new strategy which will fail monumentally.
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