Lányok a német PB-ból

I especially think that the young generation of actress does not like to appear naked anymore (well thought out + feminist extremist)
Actresses on the rise have always been reluctant to appear naked, unless it's the only way to get their big break. Posing for a magazine such as PB, especially in the US, is mostly a thing for actresses slightly past their prime who are trying to get a boost to their career and fame.
I don't want to turn the thread into a rumor or wish thread, but I just want to share my opinion. For a long time I have wanted a really well-known sportswoman like Giulia Gwinn to be photographed in PB. Giulia Gwinn is a German national player, under contract with Bayern Munich and would be a bomb. In general, I would like to see such a celebrity from the sport again. (Even if Elena Krawzow has just been to PB). In my opinion, the last "big" surprise was Miriam Neureuther from sport.

For more: https://www.fotodesign-haid.de/gwinn/
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