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Giulia Gwinn
That would be too nice

I would really like that, of course. But there won't be any chance right now I suppose. Giulia Gwinn is a rising star not only in german football, but also in social media and marketing. No need for any PB boost. And - as often in team sports - shootings like PB aren't any help for the atmosphere in dressing rooms. Much talk would be around those who would dare PB. They would be supposed to be the prettier, more important, more daring, just "doing everything to become famous / get more follower" - all this does not help anybody's image in a team. So I would say there will be only those players in PB who don't really need to care about that anymore. Consindering that my biggest hope would be for Mandy Islacker or a second shoot with Julia Simic. Or, more realistic, no female footballers in near future...
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