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I think Juliane Seyfarth is a hot number. There are some indications for this. The next PB will also be about winter sports. Nothing has to mean anything, but the past speaks a clear language.


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Does anyone have the pics of Sara Merčnik, from PB Slovenia.
Playmate of the Month for November 2011.
and Playmate of the Year 2012.



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I am not skeptical. This statement is currently also true. At the moment there are no uncensored pictures of her, but I am always convinced that it will be different in the near future.
If you indications it's subscribes on Hochstetter, Kouneli media, PB and Boitin, i don't think what it solid marker because she subscribes on many erotic sites. Shooting to Yume magazine some step to PB but it's definitely not "blast". At least not for German edition.
My personal attention on next couple months on Jacqueline Otchere.


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@student2l any concrete hints on Jacqueline Otchere, or just hope? She's quiet cute...
Couple weeks ago on her stories was this video.

She wear same necklace. Not more
Also in her insta this photo.

It's not seems on her usual content.
And the subscribe on this page.

It's perhaps speculations, but maybe something more.
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