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I did not know Juliane Seyfarth, a very beautiful woman. Beautiful photography of this beautiful woman who does not hesitate to show this really naked. The playmate, very beautiful face, very beautiful body, all spoiled by a plastic chest.

Long live the PB Germany, the best world edition far ahead of all other editions.


Ismert tag
Juliane Seyfarth - Coverstar - März 2021 - Video 720p 3:08 minutes

Juliane Seyfarth - Coverstar - März 2021 - Video 720p.mp4.jpg


This has to be one of the best Coverstar video shootings of all time! Juliane is topless for almost the whole video which is more than 3 minutes long, including being fully nude while also showing a bit of landing strip of her pussy in a couple of shots. I agree with @9Max169, I don't think I have ever seen so much boobs shown by any Coverstar in such a long video.
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