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But there are many ladies who Boitin follows, that have never been in PB and never will be. As a rumour there has also been the name of radio presenter and former castingshow participant Steffi Landerer. She would be a great choice - very funny and clever lady, big boobs, perfect body.
You are absolutely right, Steffi Landerer has a perfect body and fantastic large breasts. I really couldn't decide between those two. I think Valentina is much more famous and I wanted to see her naked for a very long time. Steffi on the other hand has big breasts :D
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Special edition 2021-04 - Hot Wheels - 201 pics

Anna Lena, Carmen Nikole, Sky Blue, Julia Rommelt,
Savannah Smith, Hilda Dias Pimentel, Izabela Guedes,
Stehanie Lindner, Sidney Ladd, Jeany Waldheim,
Miluniel Louis & Viviane Leigh, Michelle Weisstuch,
Kenzie Ann, Miki Hamano, Jessica Wittman, Carissa White,
Ali Rose & Elizabeth Marxs, Nina Zwick, Reed,
Patrizia Dinkel & Tanja Brockman & Kristina Levina,
Cassandra Dawn, Lis Giolito, Amy Lee Summers.

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***Can someone posted the missing sets of Hayley Hasselhoff and Taylor Chantal Brumann?


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You are right, Lisa Ryzih looks very hot! But why do you think Renatas shooting was disappointing? It could have been better but I think there are many really hot photos from renata and she has an gorgeous body.
Renata`s pics were just boring.Plain and simple.
I like Renata and think she`s hot as hell but for me the pics were a huge disappointment.
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