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Trend of this year: half of magazine set in Tuesday (two days before release print version) and half of magazine set on Thursday (in a day release print version). This time all magazine set was published in first gallery. Traditional non-magazine photo publish to the next Thursday after release print version PB. And post new photos a day or two before start Olympic is a logical promotion.


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Olympioniken - Coverstar - August 2021 - Video 1

Olympioniken - Coverstar - August 2021 - Video 1.mp4.jpg


Olympioniken - Coverstar - August 2021 - Video 2

Olympioniken - Coverstar - August 2021 - Video 2.mp4.jpg


Of course, the hot one doesn't show any boobs at all in any of the videos. So disappointing and frustrating! I never understand why don't they show boobs in the video when they show them in the pictures anyway?! At least, Lisa shows a lot of boobs and she has a very fit body.
Hello, everyone! I'm pretty new here, but I wanted to ask: Is there a download link for the first set?

And thanks for those videos! :)
First of all: welcome! Second: Please do not start right away with questions, you can answer yourself with just looking for yourself. If you don't see any link, than there is probably none. But the set is about 15 pics or so, and it is nearly no effort, to download them one by one... at least it takes you less time, than start a discussion about a link.... Thanks so much.
Thanks for the welcome, and I apologize for earlier.

I always look forward to the olympic shoots. I wish the American PB did stuff like this.

I think all three athletes are hot. Hopefully they show off more of their bodies and their asses in the future sets, ESPECIALLY Alexandra Ndolo. I like her. :)


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Sheesh the children are activated over the German issue, aren't they. Oh no, they covered breasts on the cover! Eternal Damnation! Thank god folks posted comparisons showing... COVERED breasts!.

There are WAY uglier tattoos to get het up about that that. Not a fan of them as a whole, but seen worse than hers.


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Since yesterday, 07/17, I'm trying to upload the second video. This is what I get

Do you have the same problem? Can someone display the video with another server. (The first link works very well).

Germany 202108 Coverstar Olympia 2021 02.mp4
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