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Can I get a Post of the Magazine Pics for Helen De Muro (2-2013) and Alexa Varga (1-2013)
Can I also get a post of the Magazine Pics for the January 2013 Playmates des Jahres pictorials - 1 and 2
Also the Playmate Kalendar 2012 if possible


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its seems it will be Penelope Frego. she had a shooting with arne grams, who has already shot for the PB
The shooting with Penelope Frego was already in january with Philip La Pepa in South Africa. That's safe. From that moment she followed the head of photography at PB Germany, the local videographer and Playmate Zoelle Frick whose shooting was in the same week. Don't know why it takes so long to publish the pictures. Maybe one of the coverstars of the last months was realized quickly and Penelope Frego as a celeb of "category C" was postponed?


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As of today I assume Penelope Frego, although there are other options which are so terrible that I don't want to hope so (Mona Buruncuk, Diana Schell)


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My guesses.
1. Reality show. All girls Boitin's follower.
Vanessa Hofinger aka vanessa_mariposa. Shooting with Jeean Alvarez (but Alvarez does not only PB-shooting), Delfina Aziri and Veronika Klimovits as friends.
Lisa Marie Rudzio aka mrs.marlisa. Also PB follower.
Kim Virginia Hartung. Also PB follower.
Julia Oemler. Screen from her OnlyFans page.

2. Vanessa Neumann aka happi.ness.a. Also PB follower and accounts on OnlyFans and FanSeven.
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