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it's becoming less and less fun month after month. A few times ago there was a little highlight every now and then, but at the moment it's almost all junk.
Following the editorial line of the United States in their magazines, the naked ones are garbage of photographs and the articles sleep at ..........


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Brigitte Raddatz Int - PMoM PB Germany - Oct 1978

I am looking for this original - HQ image at 2000px @ over 1100kb - with the logo.
Here is a low quality sample:
.5 kB

Need this one to complete my "with logo" set.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can share.



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Thank You, DaBuKi!
That completes my set!


Mark Burley

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Would anyone be able to post the Magazine Pics and Centerfolds for Dec 2011 PM Carolin Stuber, Nov 2011 PM Daniela Sudau, and March 2011 PM Dominique Regatschnig?


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