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please, someone has the special digital edition with more pictures of the Top 3. Please
A PB friend of mine has it and the pictures aren't that good.
Why? Most of the pictures are only part of certain body parts, no good full frontal, girls are 90% looking away, sh*'tty PDF Quality and no good lightning.
Pretty dissappointed. Maybe I can ask him if he wants to share the pdf.


Ismert tag
Well, they only had 1 gallery and no video for the Playmate this month which is pretty disappointing. Also, they had only 1 gallery and 1 video for the whole PMOY 2022 shoot, so I'm guessing they will just use the remaining photos from the PMOY shoot for the winner or something. I am not looking forward to the next issue at all.
I am also not looking forward to the next issue. The magazine will be full with 50th anniversary things and some pics from Vanessa Teske the cheating PMOY :D
She is still pretending to be single to get more sympathy points like in the voting phase.


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