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Calendar 2023

Anna-Lena Stockler, Hilda Dias Pimentel, Lilly Lagodka, Emily Shedler,
Margarita Gajewska, Taylor Chantal Brumann, Zoelle Theresa Marie Frick,
Melanie De Toni, Katharina Hale, Vanessa Teske, Dalila Jabri,
Dalila Jabri, Julia Rommelt

Pb Ger cal 2023(1)Anna-Lena Stockler.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(2)Hilda Dias Pimentel.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(3)Lilly Lagodka.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(4)Emily Shedler.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(5)Margarita Gajewska.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(6)Taylor Chantal Brumann.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(7)Zoelle Theresa Marie Frick.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(8)Melanie De Toni.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(9)Anna-Lena Stockler.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(10)Katharina Hale.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(11)Vanessa Teske.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(12)Dalila Jabri.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(13)Julia Rommelt.jpgPb Ger cal 2023(14).jpg



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Anyone know the next issue coverstar?

I guess you read the thread. And I guess you see that many people here share lots of information (also about possible covers for the next issue), share pics and many other things. What makes you (and others as well) believe that anybody could knew?? It would be here immediately if somebody who is active in this forum has valid information. Sorry for my harsh words, but it's really annoying to see this thread just full of nonsense questions.


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I just hope it's someone intresting with a good looks and someone who has not done nude shoots in the past. Needn't even be a big celebrity, actually I prefer that it's not a huge celebrity
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