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all right gentlemen here's the deal: 1. No reposting of any already posted material. You do and you're out for a month. No excuses, no tricking, same rule applies if you post the same stuff just because you got two more pics from the same set. If you have additions load them up only not the whole bunch again. Different resolutions won't count. 2. I don't want to see anyone uploading the same stuff in multiple threads. If you want to start a new thread for them go ahead, be my guest, but then don't put them into the Hivatalos or any other and vica versa. If you put them into German PB thread don't put them into Hivatalos, others will do it for sure. These simple rules work great in the other parts of the board and I see no reason to do it other way around PB threads. I count on you're reports in the future just as before. Thanks.


Wery well guys, I bow to your wishes. I understand this way the PB threads will die soon, and also understand the need to have multiple download choices since not all of you are able to reach every host. So I give your suggestions a go. Keep in mind that I still wish to see some form of controlled reposting and the existence of principles I pointed out before. I hope the following would be a good balance between your expectations and mine.

So after consideration, I allow the reposting of a certain materials by the following rules:

- no stuff should have more then three download opportunities on the board. this means if you post something and your post contains three different links to three different download hosts no other member should post them again. if a poster provides only one link there are two more possibilities to share them. example: member A uploads a set to Oron, member B uploads to Depostifiles and to Rapid, so no other member should post them, still there are three different download choices and hopefully all of you can find one of them that can be reached from your country. if the first two post of a set contains only one-one links you can post it third time.

- the rule of additions won't change. since as I see one way to escape from the rules of reposting is to say it's not a repost, it contains additions that the original post did not. so if you find some more of a certain set, you are most welcome to upload them, but them only, not the whole set!

- no member should post their material in multiple threads. consider which thread you want to upload something and put it there only. if you post something in the German PB section you should not put in any other threads as well. one material one member one place.

For the benefit of the threads, and for you to have more stuff available I lift the ban from those who were banned according to the repost rules, naturally there is no change for those who were banned for other reasons. Same goes to those who "solved" the problem of being banned by re-registrate, sorry guys, you just fu*ked it up.


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