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You know what? I bet this translator will cause us funny moments.. I think there is no such translator which can give back the pure beauty of the hungarian language.. but let's give it a try..

"Tudod mit? Lefogadom, ez a fordító fog okozni nekünk vicces pillanatok .. Azt hiszem, nincs olyan fordító, amely vissza tudja adni a tiszta szépség a magyar nyelv .. de adjunk meg egy próbát .."

well.. better than I expected.. :)


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Ha van olyan angol mondat, amit nem tudunk lefordítani, akkor azt beírhatjuk ide?

If you have an English phrase, which has not been able to translate, you can enter it here?

Nagyon jól fordít szerintem ez a kis dolog, eddig a legjobb amit próbáltam.

Very well spent I think this little thing has been the best we tried.

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If you have Google Chrome, the TransOver extension can be set up to highlight a word, or many words, and if you wait a few seconds (depending upon the number of words to be translated), the translation will appear in a pop-up window. No more need to keep going back and forth between here and Google Translate... nice.
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